About us

Well, to not sound and make it too complicated, we are the Mouton family, part of the Anothen Estates company.  Anothen Estates is a farm management company established for the purpose of farming and cultivating crops.

Our family decided to make a change and move back to the farm.  Having lived in the city for several years, it's time to go back and allow others to experience how great farm life is!

David, 41 years old, grew up on a farm and has the experience of what it means to live and grow up on a farm.  He completed a course in agriculture, although is an IT and Aviation professional too.  After leaving the farm life and completing studies in IT, David went on to work in the corportate environment and has help high level positions.  The determination to have a better lifestyle for his family prompted him to embark on the journey back to farming.  As a student and during a gap year, he also worked on farms, gaining a wealth of experience in various aspects.  Daivd also enjoys playing and composing music, having taught a brass performance band for several years.

Monica is passionate about people, having studied for her degree in Theology as well as obtaining several diploma's, she has been a youth counselor, counseling trainer, youth pastor, teacher and much more.  Her passion to work with and enourage a younger generation has no limits.  Monica is a wonderful mother, the creative one in the family.  Never a dull moment between painting, drawing, reading and learning, being arty and much more. 

Our children are very social and love making new friends and getting to know people.  They are all outspoken and little leaders.  Make no mistake they have a messy room, toys everywhere and after a day it looks like a bomb has hit our house, but they have fun and are learning to do their part too. 

Our daughters are Casey and Danika, and we are also a house of safety and foster parents for a little boy.  (for safety reasons his photo is not displayed).

Granny and Grandpa also help and live with us - Grandpa Izak has over 45 years experience in farming and is the brains of the operation. (yeah we are just there to have fun...).  Izak advises on production and markets with a wealth of experience.  Granny Sue is an entrepeneur, creative and artistic and the glue the binds the love of family.  Izak and Sue have farmed and lived in various countries - any student will learn alot from their experience.

Then there are the pets: We have a three legged dog (Teddy), a beatutiful colly (Jessica), a rabbit (Gracy) and a chicken - yes, a chicken.  The chicken is the boldest one and thinks the house is his domain - makes a noise at us when he is hungry and sleeps on the kitchen windowsill.  

We are a regular family, with exceptional talents in each  -  there is room for each one to be themselves.  We love, we cry, we argue and we laugh together, but most of all we enjoy our lifestyle.