How it works

(The section on "About us" covers more on who we are as a family and business)

(The section on "Who can go" covers more details on age groups allowed, etc.)


Throughout the year, we give an opportunity to students of various ages (See: Who can go) to experience farm life.  This is not a "lifestyle" holiday farm, but a real farm in real working style with a family that has opened their home to others to eperience the real farm life - not a tourist version.

Groups and limits

On average 4 students per stay will be allowed, but the group size will depend on the age group and dynamic with a maimum of 6 students.  We would suggest a 1 week stay, to allow other students the chance in the holiday as well, but we would welcome a 2 week or full holiday stay too :)

Girl groups and boy groups are accommodated seperately - one week girls, one week boys, etc. also depending on the requests.  We encourage family groups and brothers/sisters to visit together - it is intended to be a fun family environment.

See more on who can go where we explain about age groups, etc.


The program is open for students during the school or university holidays, and for some students during other parts of the year when they are available to attend.  The pogram is set in 2 options, which run simultaneously:

The living farm experience:

This option allows students to join the family as a family members, and just be themselves and experience the farm life.  We make it fun, and you can also go off and do things that would entertain yourself ike fishing, hiking up the mountainside, or you could chillax (relax and chill :) ).  We won't entertain you, but you are welcomed into our family for your stay, where you can help with farming where you would like to and have a good time.

The learning experience

For this option, you would be expected to take part in most farming activities (don't worry - we don't make you work for your food :) ), such as inspecting the crops, checking on irrigation, attending to some crops through inspections and helping with some physical work such as feeding animals and learning about farm equipment.  We will give some short lessons on plant production and the ecology and at the end of your stay you will receive a certificate for your participation.  This option also covers topics such as errosion, conservation, the ecology as well as farm management and farm economics.  The levels are set according to the age group attending to make it interesting for the students.  


We take safety very seriously and have strict rules to prevent injury of any kind.  With no exception, these rules will be followed!  We know that safety is a top priority in many aspects of farming.  Our farm is secured in a community setup, thus ensures safety by the community as well since there is participation throughout.  The mutual agreements and benefits bring us a long way in terms of helping each other.  There is a very positive and prosperous vibe in the local community.  Apart from that, our farm is secured with private guards (also in conjunction with the community).  Although it is safe to camp out on the farm or go for walks on your own, we would only allow these activities with an adult present.

When it comes to working safety, students are not allowed on equipment or near dangerous activities unless special attention is given to the activity for a task.  For example, tractors can be dangerous, but students will learn the safety concepts of working on or around tractors in theory, and there will be a pratical experience for those who want to take part in how to use the tractor to perform activites.  Several strict rules govern these activities to ensure the safety of each student.  Certain age groups are not permitted near or on the tractors or other moving equipment but will learn about it. 


Farming activities include: 

Tractor and equipment training and experience, crop irrigation, disease and pest control, farm management, etc.

FUN activities include:

Fishing, swimming (in the dam or streams), camping in the bushveld on the farm, climbing mountainside on the farm/hiking, bike riding, later on quads will be added


Several rules are set out for the safety of each student and to encourage discipline while having fun and enjoying the stay.

We expect everyone (including our own children) to follow the rules - no exceptions!

Students are welcome to stay for as long as they want, when they can.


In any event, we want students to have fun and learn about nature, farm life and farming in order to spart interest in the future of farming.  We believe there are many students who would love to just see a farm, and having the eperience would be the greatest gift we can give.

Our farm is not huge, but big enough to give a great and safe experience.  We are a loving family, sometimes a bit crazy and enjoy the noise of family life and children.  Our home is always open to others - come and join us for a while, and hopefully you will come back again and again to enjoy the farm and what we have to offer.